The AquaJet XT - 700



The AquaJet XT - 700 includes a larger pumping plant to wash the top and sides in the same pass, software to make the top boom to contour the vehicle, and dedicated wax and spot free rinse manifolds to finish cars on a single pass.

The AquaJet XT leverages the best features of the legacy AquaJet GT® systems proven at thousands of sites worldwide while adding new technology to enhance wash quality and customer satisfaction while generating incremental revenue for the operator



tick.gifLED directional lighting ensures customers are safely guided into position
tick.gifCustomised animated graphics help brand your site
tick.gifContouring on-board dryer tracks the vehicle from the optimal distance to minimize energy consumption while avoiding obstacles such as antennas and roof racks
tick.gifK100 controller provides unparalleled flexibility to create wash programs
Improved pre-soak system
tick.gifAdvanced HubScrub wheel cleaning system
tick.gifTriple foam detergent or conditioner
tick.gifPremium wax system