Minimum space requirement



With a WashMaster, you can profitably use your spare spaces to achieve additional turnover. Even small areas are enough to be able to offer your customers the additional service of a WashMaster.

Easy operation, convenience for customers and extra turnover:

tick.gifAt petrol stations

tick.gifFor car showrooms

tick.gifFor supermarkets

tick.gifAs a self-service module at a car wash tunnel

tick.gifAs a self-service module at a gantry car wash


tick.gifThe stainless steel housing of the WashMaster contains all the components for the operation of up to 6 different washing programs: shampoo, wax, fresh water and osmosis water with the high-pressure nozzle, foam with the brush.

tick.gifSimple operation.

tick.gifConvenient for the customer.

tick.gifThe programs are selected via 6 buttons. It is possible to switch between programs at any time. An LED display shows the customer the money inserted and the remaining value.

tick.gifOperation with coins and tokens via the electronic coin tester