The MaxiWash Express:

 The MaxiWash Express is an economical system for large fleets requiring high turnover, frequent washing.

Suitable for various trucks and buses the WashTec MaxiWash Express system comes complete with an enclosed wash bay and fully self contained wash system making it easier to choose a suitable location on your existing site or depot.




tick.gifCompletely "Hot Dipped" galvanised steel frame - for long life and durability

tick.gifSplash Guard side covers around wash bay area - keeping wash water contained and controlled within the wash bay area

tick.gif9 meter fully galvanised Wheel Guide Rails - to ensure vehicles are evenly
positioned within the wash system

tick.gifOperator Manual Control Board - for manual operator control of the wash system

tick.gifWash Indicator Lights - to direct drivers into the wash bay

tick.gifElectronic Infra-red Entrance Sensor - for automatic start-up of the wash system upon entry of vehicles

tick.gifSelf contained "Chemical Cabinet", "Electrical Cabinet" and "Water Supply System" for efficient service and maintenance access

System Options:

tick.gifUnder Body Wash System - for effective cleaning of the under carriage and lower chassis of all vehicles

tick.gifWheel and Lower Chassis Wash Brush - to effectively clean vehicle wheels and lower chassis removing more stubborn dirt

tick.gifMobile Roof Brush - A roof brush that follows the vehicle to ensure an effective cleaning result of the roof surface

tick.gifDrying Agent Rinse Arch - a final rinsing arch that applied a Drying agent to facilitate water beading and quick drying of washed vehicles